<![CDATA[COACH JENNIFER J - Adventures in Balancing]]>Tue, 18 Sep 2018 11:17:03 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[Exciting Times!!]]>Sun, 09 Sep 2018 01:56:41 GMThttp://coachjennifer.com/adventures-in-balancing/exciting-timesLong story short, February 2013 I had to have an esophagus surgery and ended up developing extreme food allergies which caused me to have delayed reaction eczema all over my body along with digestive symptoms immediately. This situation has gone on continually ever since with additional items added to the list of reactive allergens. After a few years I was finally diagnosed with Eosinophil Gastroenteritis and then after a few more years I was diagnosed with Mold Illness/C.I.R.S. (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome).
  Fast forward to April 2018 when I was approached by a new company with completely all natural plant ingredient products based on the newest research of the Gut Brain Axis and our Gut Microbiome being our Second Brain. I knew exactly what this meant as I have been studying the brain for almost 20 years now. I signed up as an Independent Wellness Partner with the company and my husband, Jim, and I started taking the supplements, the Fundamentals Pack.  My exciting news is that a couple weeks ago I realized that my eczema rash is completely gone and when I think back to when I actually had a flare up, that was in mid June!! Healed up with NO scars even!! When you are used to having something wrong with your body I find you don't pay attention to it after a period of time, it becomes your new normal.   I couldn't believe it when the truth of my eczema being completely gone had clicked in, so I did what anyone would do, and eat something I know will give me a rash just to verify that the reaction was indeed gone. And... it is!!  This IS EXTREMELY exciting times!! Not just because of an extremely itchy rash all over my body, but because this means that the Fundamentals Pack is also healing my Gut!! I knew that my extreme stomach pains had gone away, though I still have other digestive symptoms. Healing is a process...visually being able to see one of the major symptoms of my gut issue heal up is proof that the products are also working on my insides! And that makes this time... EXCITING!!