<![CDATA[Simply Balanced Life LLC With Coach Jennifer - Adventures in Balancing]]>Tue, 07 Jul 2020 20:44:13 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[How to Get access to read reviews]]>Mon, 15 Jun 2020 23:54:02 GMThttp://coachjennifer.com/adventures-in-balancing/june-15th-2020Read my super short personal story here. I will be writing a longer more detailed version. My health issues started at 10 days old being back in the hospital with strep throat, bronchitis and pneumonia... which I then battled for 5 years.

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READY TO Reboot? Go Here, or contact me so I can explain all the amazing options for reduced price and free products!! Tell a friend & earn. No risk if you aren't happy as the company offers a Money back guarantee! The only thing you stand to lose... is those bad bacteria, unpleasant health symptoms and probably some weight (a "side effect" of getting your gut brain axis and gut microbiome back in balance and functioning better); *though we can't make any promises you know :) 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
<![CDATA[Warning! this is considered a 'touchy subject']]>Thu, 30 Apr 2020 18:20:33 GMThttp://coachjennifer.com/adventures-in-balancing/warning-this-is-considered-a-touchy-subject
Warning! This is considered a 'touchy topic'. Why do I say that?
Because it has to do with our Brain... our Mental Health. And there is an overwhelming stigma around anyone coming out and admitting they are having symptoms that are not healthy. Mind you, anything other than "none" is considered in the stigma.

I want to help change this stigma! I want people that have brain wellness issues to be able to openly come out and ask for help withOUT society criticizing them!
Who is with me?

Having more than a little stress changes our gut microbiome and our hormones in a single day.
Now add in multiple days and imagine the impact of stress on your body.
Then you can add in:
- Food and drink choices                   - Contaminated water supply
- Medications                                       - GMO foods
- Lack of exercise                                - Pesticides/Insecticides
- Lack of Sleep/Quality                      - Lack of Meditation/Stress Release
- Environmental issues                      - And More

Anxiety isn't a four letter word, but many people act as if it is. Same with the word Depression or Depressed. WHY is having these mental health issues any different from having an upset stomach (which, by the way, IS CONNECTED to Anxiety and Depression!).  You see... we frequently have PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS along with MENTAL SYMPTOMS... because The Gut and the Brain are connected!! Through the Axis or Vagal Nerve.   Take this short quiz and see where you land on the  scale.

Here is a research article giving HOPE in NATURAL healing to those diagnosed with schizophrenia!! HOW?... through the Gut Brain Axis... the Gut Microbiome... all those trillions of bacteria in our guts effecting our brains on levels scientists don't even fully understand yet! But... they have found the connection! And that... gives HOPE in holistic healing!! DM me
for more information.

Diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder? Or Bipolar Depressive Disorder? Read here.
Do you know anyone whom has been diagnosed with schizophrenia? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7080964/
<![CDATA[It's been awhile...]]>Fri, 24 Jan 2020 18:16:19 GMThttp://coachjennifer.com/adventures-in-balancing/its-been-awhileHappy January 2020!! It's been awhile... I am hoping to make posts on a regular basis this year.
I won't play catch up now, let's just move forward.  I choose the photo of the koala bears for this page because they are able to balance their body weight on the branch, yet be relaxed enough to fall asleep! How amazing is that!? I took the photo when I went to Australia in June 2017. Seems so long ago. I need to return and spend more time. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there and all of the millions of animals losing their lives to the fires. Absolutely heartbreaking!

So my life has been out of balance since before the holidays and I am working toward getting reorganized and back on track. What do you do when you go through a busy period and get out of balance juggling the demands of life? How do you get back on track? I'd love to hear your tips

For me, I am a paper and pen kind of person. There is power in simply writing things down on paper... making those 'to-do' lists and writing out a schedule that helps my brain to regroup and rebalance. I create project boards to help organize bigger tasks. Those help my brain to not have to try to remember everything that needs to get done and I'm better able to then focus on small daily tasks.
Signing off for now,
Be Well, Smile & May Your Gut Microbiome be Balanced! :)

Coach Jennifer

<![CDATA[Exciting Times!!]]>Sun, 09 Sep 2018 01:56:41 GMThttp://coachjennifer.com/adventures-in-balancing/exciting-timesLong story short, February 2013 I had to have an esophagus surgery and ended up developing extreme food allergies which caused me to have delayed reaction eczema all over my body along with digestive symptoms immediately. This situation has gone on continually ever since with additional items added to the list of reactive allergens. After a few years I was finally diagnosed with Eosinophil Gastroenteritis and then after a few more years I was diagnosed with Mold Illness/C.I.R.S. (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome).
  Fast forward to April 2018 when I was approached by a new company with completely all natural plant ingredient products based on the newest research of the Gut Brain Axis and our Gut Microbiome being our Second Brain. I knew exactly what this meant as I have been studying the brain for almost 20 years now. I signed up as an Independent Wellness Partner with the company and my husband, Jim, and I started taking the supplements, the Fundamentals Pack.  My exciting news is that a couple weeks ago I realized that my eczema rash is completely gone and when I think back to when I actually had a flare up, that was in mid June!! Healed up with NO scars even!! When you are used to having something wrong with your body I find you don't pay attention to it after a period of time, it becomes your new normal.   I couldn't believe it when the truth of my eczema being completely gone had clicked in, so I did what anyone would do, and eat something I know will give me a rash just to verify that the reaction was indeed gone. And... it is!!  This IS EXTREMELY exciting times!! Not just because of an extremely itchy rash all over my body, but because this means that the Fundamentals Pack is also healing my Gut!! I knew that my extreme stomach pains had gone away, though I still have other digestive symptoms. Healing is a process...visually being able to see one of the major symptoms of my gut issue heal up is proof that the products are also working on my insides! And that makes this time... EXCITING!!